Our company offers the services listed below with the backing of many years of experience and a reliable and highly dedicated specialist workforce.

1.    Full assembly and installation
In addition to making and delivering the various components for obstruction and hazard lighting systems, we also offer a full installation service for these systems. We have the experience to be able to customise switch cabinets and distribution boards for navigation lighting systems to your specifications. We can gladly supply you with turnkey systems and can also take care of the installation and servicing of these systems. We supply and fit systems made by all manufacturers and can make an objective evaluation of the obstruction lighting system components including the optimum performance parameters, therefore we can advise you on all the aspects needing to be taken into consideration when it comes to selecting the right systems. The LG 74 series of LED hazard beacons is an in-house development which is made in our production facility alongside medium-intensity LED hazard beacons and LED hazard lights.

2.   Installation work at heights
We also have staff with specialist training in working at heights therefore we also install lightning protection and earthing systems on chimneys, cooling towers, radio masts, wind turbines and other tall structures. We can offer you good value for money on orders in conjunction with services on aviation obstruction lighting systems on these structures.

3.    Installation of iron rungs and vertical ladders
Our specialist staff will install and retrofit iron rungs and vertical ladders with safety restraints on chimneys and towers on all the systems supplied, duly complying with the liability insurance regulations VBG 1 and VBG 74 and the professional association safety rules ZH 1/601.

4.    LED street lighting
Our range of services has included the development and production of high-efficiency LED street lamps since 2008. We have been installing street lighting in all parts of Germany since 1992.

5.    Reliable maintenance for systems with long operating lifetimes
We offer service contracts for the systems listed in paragraphs 1 - 4 above which our customers are glad to accept in order to keep the systems in safe working order. We have specialist staff who are personally committed to providing robust, efficient and durable systems who have years of experience and keep their skills up to date by regularly attending training courses.