LED street lighting

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Leading high-power LED technology combined with distinctive design

The products of Magic Rainbow Design (owned by Sabine Ballaschk) are the result of extensive development work conducted by Hochspannungs-Lichttechnik Bernd Ballaschk GmbH. They incorporate many years of know-how gained during the production and development of LED hazard beacons and warning lights* in proven brand quality.

*Hazard warning and lighting systems used to alert aircraft of high buildings and tall structures

This was the background which enabled the lighting company Hochspannungs-Lichttechnik Bernd Ballaschk GmbH to develop an LED street lighting system which prides itself on extremely efficient light distribution. The system achieves a very high light density over a precisely defined area with very low energy consumption. "With a power consumption of just 10 watts, they use about 85% less energy than classic lamps," said Sabine Ballaschk, the company director and designer of the new range of lights. What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?

Sabine Ballaschk, a graduate art teacher, wanted to make this highly-efficient, durable and ecologically sustainable lamp something very special, something that had never been made before in this form. The extremely positive response to the initial drafts encouraged her to carry on working on the unusual designs. The end result was some beautiful models which are patented by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) in Munich. We want things which are special, unique and distinctive. We want highlights and splashes of colour which convey a sense of vitality. The technical details are impressive. The styles are elegantly proportioned. Experience a symphony of exclusive design and leading-edge light technology.

What we do today will shape tomorrow's world...

...so make a wise decision today and opt for energy-efficient, modern, distinctive, attractive street lights which come in a variety of shapes and colours and will be a unique feature in your local area, making a bold design statement on the streets, paths, squares, on your prestigious company site, in front of your public building or your private property.

For a summary of all the products and detailed technical information on the street lights, please visit our separate website at: www.led-strassenleuchte.de