Quality features

LED hazard beacons and LED warning lights

The outstanding features of our lights are their low energy consumption, long service life, low maintenance requirements and high levels of protection. The lamps, for example, boast 100,000 operating hours as compared to the average operating life of conventional lights which is less than 10,000 hours. Our LED hazard beacons and LED warning lights can be supplied as single or dual flashlight systems.


The LED hazard beacons and warning lights are omnidirectional lights and can be of fixed or flashing design. They are used to warn aircraft of obstacles and can be used at commercial airports and airfields.


Thermal glass shades with integrated optics or light-emitting diodes which are fitted with optical components are used to meet the technical specifications in terms of lighting. The light housings are made of high-quality UV-resistant plastics or saltwater-resistant aluminium alloys.

These materials are absolutely resistant to corrosion and are therefore ideal for outdoor use. Any plastic parts which are used are fully coated and this colouring also enables them to withstand the most exacting operational demands. Aluminium parts have several layers of coating, making them extremely resistant to atmospheric exposure.

They have proved themselves to be entirely effective in heavy-duty industrial settings. The lights are designed for use with the latest generation of top-specification, energy-saving, extra long-life light-emitting diodes.

The light fixtures are fitted with the number of LEDs required to meet the lighting requirements. The LEDs are operated with approximately 50% of the rated current only in order to guarantee that the prescribed light intensity is maintained for 100,000 hours of operation. All the small parts used to make the lights (screws, washers) are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel in keeping with the high quality standard. Furthermore, each light is tested by our laboratory before it is sent out.

Installation/assembly and accessories

If the lights are for use at airfields and airports, they can be erected with the usual fittings like bottom flanges, mast flanges, pipe elbows and GRP masts. We supply monitoring relays with signal and changeover contacts. If a light or a module fails, a fault message is sent via a floating contact and the system switches to the next module in the case of double beacons.