LED Obstruction Lights

As a German company with a long-standing tradition and over 25 years of experience, we are familiar with the specific requirements and legal regulations particular to obstruction lighting systems for aviation applications and we know what really matters. We have been developing, producing, delivering and fitting LED flight hazard lighting systems for 20 years for our customers all over the world. We offer expert advice on our products and on the ways in which they can be used in compliance with the relevant legislation. Please contact us.


Our promotional film will give you an insight into our development and production work and the possible applications for our products – all over the world..

We invite you to come on our tour and discover the versatility of our hazard beacons for many different applications.

low intensity obstruction lights LG 74-04

medium intensity obstruction light AOL 303, AOL 304, AOL 305

high intensity obstruction lights AOL 304 A and B

inserts LED

obstructions lights for wind power

obstructions lights for wind power...

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